Cappadocia is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The MDC Hotel is located in an area of Urgup called Karahandere. The word "dere" means small river, which ran in the little dip located on the right side of the property. The caves date back over 200 years, it was primarily occupied by Greeks. The Historical Society ensures that architectural design meets original Greek tradition.

Click to zoom the imageWe have 33 original homes to restore. Restoration cleaning began in 2007. The actual building began in October 2009 with the first 22 rooms ( 22 homes) and reception area opening for our first visitors February 7, 2011. The main reception dining area is constructed over five caves which were at one time served as a main cooking area, barn and home. During a four month phase we employed 70 people. All the furniture, doors, windows, beds and cupboards were made on site. All stones except walkway areas are local stone the other stone is from western Turkey the region of Mugla (silent g). The marble throughout the hotel is all from various regions of Turkey. All fabrics are made in Turkey, as textiles are one of Turkey's largest industries.

Click to zoom the imageEach room is unique, you will find alcoves of various sizes and shapes. Circular holes cut in floors were original tanders (stone ovens). Larger cut-out areas in the walls with flat bottoms were original wineries. One square foot holes in walls were pigeon coops. Other areas show alcoves where animal feed was placed. If you look closely you will see notches where animals were tethered to.

The ownership of the hotel in itself is also unique. Canadian travelers met their future Turkish partner in Cappadocia in 2002. A good dinner, some local wine and the dream began. MDC, Michelle Discovery Caves.

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